Margaret BULCOCK

ABT 1878 - ____

Father: William BULCOCK
Mother: Maria LAYCOCK

                       _Henry BULCOCK ______+
                      | (1819 - 1893) m 1842
 _William BULCOCK ____|
| (1844 - ....) m 1866|
|                     |_Mary HARTLEY _______+
|                       (1809 - 1874) m 1842
|--Margaret BULCOCK 
|  (1878 - ....)
|                      _____________________
|                     |                     
|_Maria LAYCOCK ______|
  (1841 - ....) m 1866|



William BURTT


3 FEB 1831 - 12 JAN 1887

Father: Robert BURTT
Mother: Hannah LEWIS

Family 1 : Eliza PALMER
  1. +William James BURTT
  2. +John Francis BURTT
  3. +James Mark BURTT
  4. +Richard Martin BURTT
  5. +Lewis Henry BURTT
  6. +Eliza BURTT
  7. +Margaret Lewis BURTT
  8.  George Frederick BURTT

                       _Robert BURTT _______+
                      | (1770 - 1804) m 1794
 _Robert BURTT _______|
| (1798 - 1857) m 1827|
|                     |_Jane WEBB __________+
|                       (1769 - 1805) m 1794
|--William BURTT 
|  (1831 - 1887)
|                      _William LEWIS ______
|                     |                     
|_Hannah LEWIS _______|
  (1803 - 1859) m 1827|
                      |_Margaret (LEWIS) ___
                        (1786 - 1864)       


[NI32204] William and Elisa (Table H)

William Burtt was born in 1831 as already mentioned, and he and his wife Eliza were responsible for expanding our tree considerably, having eight children who themselves had large families. William married Eliza Palmer on 9th October 1853 at the parish church in Stepney, Middlesex. William was 22 and Eliza 20, his occupation was saddler and harness maker. They both give their address as 1, Chapel Street. William names his father as Robert a tea dealer and Eliza her father as Mark Palmer a carpenter. The witnesses were her father Mark and Sarah Palmer presumably either her mother or sister. The parish church of Stepney was St. Dunstanís. Jeremyís fatherís papers contain a circular letter to William Burtt dated 25th August 1854 on expiry of his apprenticeship to William Heather, citizen and Loriner of London. His apprenticeship expired on 22nd of December 1853. This was shortly after he got married. Here we see the influence of Margaret Lewis as William Heather was obviously a good friend as well as one of her executors.
It is also apparent that the monies William received from her estate helped him and Eliza in their early years. Indeed Jeremyís fatherís papers reveal that William and his brother James lent Benjamin Martin £100 on 24th November 1865, shortly after Margaret Lewis died, and as we still have the I.O.U. we assume the loan was never repaid. William received £616 10s 1d as his third share of Margaret Lewisís estate which when it was divided in 1868 was valued at £1912 8s 9d.

William and Elizaís children were William James Burtt born 24th of July 1854, John Francis Burtt born 29th of August 1855, James Mark Burtt born 7th of November 1856, Richard Martin Burtt born 24th of December 1858, Lewis Henry Burtt born 2nd August 1860, Eliza Burtt born 27th September 1862, Margaret Lewis Burtt born 1st of December 1865, and George Frederick Burtt born 7th of June 1874.

The death of William Burtt is well documented in Jeremyís fatherís papers. The medical certificate confirms his death on 12th of January 1887 at 7 Huntington street, aged 55 of broncho pneumonia lasting 21 days. His death certificate was registered in the district of Shoreditch, sub district of St. Leonards, informant E. Burtt. He was still described as a saddler and harness maker. The receipt for the funeral expenses show that it cost £13 10s and that the funeral was arranged by J.Britton furnishing undertaker and carriage master of 50 Hare street, Bethnal Green. If you compare this to the third share of Margaret Lewisís estate, you can see just how much Williamís share would have been worth, in real terms. Williamís will was deposited at the Shoreditch Savings Bank and was dated 15th November 1879. It reads as follows:-


This is the last will and testament of me William Burtt of No. 7 Huntingdon street, Kingsland Road in the County of Middlesex saddler and harness maker. I give devise and bequeath unto my dear wife Eliza after payment of all debts and funeral expenses all real and personal estate and effects whatsoever (including the stock in trade at the time of my decease) absolutely. And I give devise and bequeath unto my said wife and my son John Burtt my business on condition that he my said son carries the same on in a proper manner to the satisfaction of my executors (but my said son is to have no interest in my house No 7 Huntingdon Street aforesaid), the said net profits of the said business to be equally divided between them share and share alike after paying all expenses but in case of my said son John not carrying on the business as aforesaid I desire that the goodwill be sold and the proceeds thereof be paid to my said wife Eliza and to be her own independent disposal. And I appoint William Porter of No 34 Howes Street, Kingsland Road aforesaid and James Johnson of No 78 Paul Street, Finsbury in the said County of Middlesex executors of this will. In witness thereof I have hereunto set my hand this fifteenth day of November in the year one thousand eight hundred and seventy nine.
The will is signed by William Burtt and witnessed by George Palmer and B N Palmer clerks in local government board, Whitehall .
William had provided for his wife and tried to ensure the business continued. We assume that he left the business to John the second son as William James Burtt who was also a saddler and harness maker already had his own business. This is a trend which shows in the Lincolnshire Quaker tree. It may be that this was the done thing at that time. We know that John did carry on his fatherís business and a lot more besides as you will read later.
In June and July 1909 Eliza had building works and redocorations done to the house, No 7 Huntingdon Street. From the receipts this involved the front and back parlour, scullery, breakfast parlour and county range. Unfortunately Eliza didnít live to enjoy it for long for she died on 3rd of October 1909, aged 77, of vulvular disease of the heart, duration 2 years. The informant was her daughter Eliza Heskett of 26 Middleton Road, Hackney N2. Some of the streets of London were re-named about this time and Huntingdon Street became Falkirk Street. Elizaís will reads as follows:-
This is the last will and testament of me Eliza Burtt of No 7 Huntingdon Street, Kingsland Road in the County of Middlesex widow. First I desire that all my just debts funeral and testimony expenses be paid and satisfied by my executors hereafter named as soon as conveniently may be after my decease and I give and bequeath whatever jewellery trinketts and clothes I may die possessed of unto my two daughters Eliza Heskett and Margaret Fletcher in equal portions and in case of dispute I empower my said executors to settle the same. I give and bequeath my cottage piano to my daughter Elisa Heskett and as to all and every the remainder of my goods and chattels and sum and sums of money which may be in my possession or due to me at the time of my decease and also all monies invested in stock funds shares and securities and all and every other my estate and effects whatsoever and wheresoever both real and personal whether in possession reversion remainder or expectancy I desire my said executors to sell collect get in and realise the same as soon as conveniently may be after my decease. And out of the proceeds thereof I give devise and bequeath unto and equally between my sons William James Burtt, John Francis Burtt, James Mark Burtt (now in Sydney), Richard Martin Burtt and Lewis Henry Burtt and my said daughters Eliza Heskett and Margaret Fletcher the portions of my said daughters to be for their sole and separate use respectively and free from the debts and control of each of their present or any future husbands and I nominate constitute and appoint my said son William James Burtt of 23 Englefield Road and John Thomas Fletcher of 62 Rushton Street, Hoxton executors to this will and hereby revoke all former or other wills by me at any time heretofore made and declare this is my last will and testament. In witness whereof I the said Eliza Burtt have hereunto set my hand this tenth day of July in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and ninety nine Eliza Burtt signed and declared by the Testrix as and for the last will and testament in the presence of us present at the same time who in her presence at her request and in the presence of each other have hereunto subscribed our names as witnesses Kate Wills John George Wills 28 Albion Square Queens Road, Dalston.
Once again we see a definite provision for her daughters in their own right. Elizaís will was proved for probate by William James Burtt on 5th November 1909 and showed the gross value of the estate as £332 13s 6d.



6 JAN 1712 - 1765

Father: John FISHER
Mother: Frances GRIFFIN

Family 1 : Mary PARNELL
  1. +Mary FISHER
  2.  John FISHER
  3. +George FISHER
  4. +William FISHER

 _John FISHER ________|
| (1670 - ....) m 1706|
|                     |__
|--George FISHER 
|  (1712 - 1765)
|                      __
|                     |  
|_Frances GRIFFIN ____|
  (1672 - 1740) m 1706|



Ernest J GRAY

1910 - ____

Family 1 : Sylvia K WASBROUGH
  1.  Terence K GRAY
  2.  Alen R GRAY
  3.  Peter J GRAY
  4.  Christopher P GRAY




ABT NOV 1911 - ____

Father: Fred HIGSON
Mother: Maggie SCHOLES

                       _John HIGSON ________+
                      | (1863 - 1892) m 1887
 _Fred HIGSON ________|
| (1888 - 1967) m 1909|
|                     |_Martha Ann SMALLEY _+
|                       (1865 - 1917) m 1887
|--Elsie HIGSON 
|  (1911 - ....)
|                      _James SCHOLES ______
|                     | (1854 - ....)       
|_Maggie SCHOLES _____|
  (1889 - 1970) m 1909|
                      |_Mary Ann EASTWOOD __
                        (1854 - ....)       



Matthew Ryan MOLLOY

[1829] This person is presumed living.


Robert Bertram MORLEY

ABT 1906 - AUG 1990

Father: Robert William MORLEY

Family 1 : Ivy Lillian BARRITT

 _Robert William MORLEY _|
|                        |
|                        |__
|--Robert Bertram MORLEY 
|  (1906 - 1990)
|                         __
|                        |  



Mervyn SMITH

____ - ____

Father: William Mervyn SMITH
Mother: Sylvia Alice GAFFNEY

 _William Mervyn SMITH _|
|                       |
|                       |_____________________
|--Mervyn SMITH 
|                        _Patrick GAFFNEY ____+
|                       | (1901 - 1978)       
|_Sylvia Alice GAFFNEY _|
  (1933 - ....)         |
                        |_Kyra Bell SMITH ____+
                          (1911 - 1959)       




ABT 1874 - ____

Family 1 : Eli SELLERS
  1.  Ethel May SELLERS
  2.  James Frederick SELLERS



Isabella Ainsworth SWANN

ABT 1903 - ____

Father: George Butterworth SWANN
Mother: Sarah Ann BRIGGS

Family 1 : Edmund BLUNDELL
  1.  Dorothy BLUNDELL

                             _Daniel SWANN _______
                            | (1828 - 1897) m 1860
 _George Butterworth SWANN _|
| (1862 - 1930) m 1890      |
|                           |_Rachael HARDMAN ____
|                             (1832 - 1903) m 1860
|--Isabella Ainsworth SWANN 
|  (1903 - ....)
|                            _John BRIGGS ________+
|                           | (1809 - 1891) m 1857
|_Sarah Ann BRIGGS _________|
  (1870 - 1955) m 1890      |
                            |_Mary BAILEY ________+
                              (1835 - 1913) m 1857




ABT 1819 - 1887

Father: James WALMSLEY

Family 1 :
  1.  John WALMSLEY
Family 2 : Marmaduke COATES
  1.  John Walmsley COATES
  2.  Richard COATES
  3. +Joseph COATES
  4. +Nancy COATES
  5.  Mary COATES
  6. +William COATES
  7.  Martha Ellen COATES
  8. +Rachel COATES

 _James WALMSLEY _____|
| (1794 - ....)       |
|                     |__
|--Rachel WALMSLEY 
|  (1819 - 1887)
|                      __
|                     |